Building Consultancy London

Building Consultancy London

Building consultancy forms a very important aspect of the work we do here at Thomas Design and Building. So much so, in fact, that after conducting a survey of our satisfied clients we discovered that 75% of them went on to have their building project completed by us on the strength of our initial consultation with them. Not only did our experience, knowledge and reputation give them the confidence to engage our services, but they were also surprised to learn just how much potential we could realise in their property as a result of different building projects.

For us, building consultation is a two-way process. It’s understandable that our clients want to know as much about us, our long history, experience and expertise in order for them to be able to make an informed decision when considering a building project. But equally, as your preferred architect and building contractor, the consultation helps us to find out more about you, property and your needs, desires and expectations. This information enables us to deliver a high-quality finished product that has been expertly tailored and personalised to fully meet your requirements.

The building consultation process is much more than a means of us getting to know you and vice versa. It’s an important platform for discussing your ideas and requirements and for us to determine the most effective way of achieving them, taking into consideration aspects such as planning permission, compliance with building regulations, energy performance requirements, structural surveys, space planning and any other logistical matters that may need to be addressed or which have a bearing upon your building project.

Consultancy also provides an invaluable opportunity for us to explore the feasibility of your building projects and to answer any questions you may have. The good news is that at Thomas Design and Building we are experts in the fields of architecture, building design, planning and construction and our company can call upon eight decades of experience.

This means that when you come to Thomas Design and Building for consultancy, like 75% of our clients you’re more than likely to be impressed and inspired by just how much we’re able to do for you.

If you’d like to arrange expert consultancy services to discuss your plans for a home extension, loft conversion or basement conversion or any other building project please contact Thomas Design and Building now.