Ultra Modern Design and Build London

Ultra Modern Design and Build LondonAlthough Thomas Design and Building has a long and illustrious history spanning eight decades, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t moved with the times. We apply the same outstanding quality, experience and expertise to ultra-modern design and build projects as we do when working on older, historic or listed buildings.

For new homes, ultra-modern design and build offers a host of benefits. The twenty-first century home can take advantage of huge advances in construction materials and techniques which not only benefit from beauty and simplicity but are also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.  Easier to heat and holding their warmth for longer due to modern and efficient insulation methods, ultra-modern contemporary homes can significantly reduce a household’s gas and electricity bills.

At Thomas Design and Building we employ only the most skilled and experienced craftsmen, and for our customers who desire the design and construction of a brand new and ultra-modern home we can create a unique and wonderful dwelling that is perfectly tailored in accordance with their vision, budget and available space.

At an initial consultation we can take your ideas for a new and unique home that reflects your own individual tastes and personality and begin the magical process of making your dream home a reality. In our expert hands you can be assured that your beautiful future home will be designed, planned, project-managed, constructed and finished to the highest standards, using quality materials and incorporating the very latest measures to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

The ultra-modern house of your imagination is closer to reality than you think. Bring your ideas and wishes to Thomas and Design and Building and, working closely with you, we’ll transform them into an inspiring, practical and stylish contemporary home of which you can be proud.

To discuss your ideas and requirements, for more information about our expert ultra-modern design and build services or to arrange an initial consultation, please get in touch with us now.